• To awaken as many people as possible to the idea that we are Creators – we are creating our life experience through our thoughts and beliefs and, therefore, can take charge of creating the outcome we desire.
  • To educate as many people as possible about how to create the love and life of their dreams by making clear decisions, and then aligning with the universal laws of love and attraction to manifest their desires with ease and grace.
  • To inspire as many people as possible to be authentic, live from the heart, and attract genuine, loving relationships.
  • To remind as many people as possible that when you ask (Source, the Universe, your Higher Self, God, the quantum field, etc.) for what you want in life, it is always given. But we can only attract what we are ready to receive. So we must learn how to live from a place of self-mastery, expectancy and faith in our desired outcome.


Following two decades of success in Manhattan’s Private Equity industry, and a life-altering trajectory through Japan to India’s Bollywood and California’s Hollywood, Noreen returned to Greenwich, Connecticut to work with successful yet personally unfulfilled professionals as a Personal Love & Life Coach.

Noreen's tailored 1-on-1 coaching programs help clients shift familiar but outdated patterns to quickly and purposefully achieve healthy, lasting relationships.