How to Create Money & Love In Your Life

How to Create Money & Love In Your Life


We must start now to take 100% responsibility for our lives and everything we have and will experience in it – our money, home, health, time and relationships.

That means no longer blaming anyone – our spouse, our employer, the economy, the President, our parents, etc. We are not victims – quite the opposite.

We are Creators. Our thoughts are magnets. These magnets go out into the world and attract the substances that match them.  Our thoughts set up the model of what is to be created, and our emotions energize our thoughts and propel them from the inner world of imagination to our outer physical world.  

The stronger our emotions are, the more rapidly we create what we are thinking about.  Our focused intention directs our thoughts and emotions, maintaining a steady focus on what we want until we get it.

The world is your perception of it.  Inside and outside always match – they reflect off each other.  People and situations will always mirror back to you your healthy thoughts and your unhealed, unloving thoughts about life. This is law.

Because this law is exact, it is important to think about what we want rather than what we do not want.  We will not get what we want by fearing its opposite.  For example, disliking poverty will only attract to us more poverty. Fearful thoughts of intimacy and the opposite sex will attract to us people that will trigger those fears. When we dwell on the negative, we repel money, love, and abundance.

Start by noticing what you are noticing.  If we notice a negative thought or emotion, break the cycle by bringing positivity to that fearful thought.  For example, if our mind is quick to tell us why we can’t have it, let that thought float away.  Replace it with new ideas of why we can have it!  Why am I getting wealthier? Why will I find true love?


We are the source of our abundance, and we can have a wonderful, positive, and abundant life regardless of the economy or outside conditions.  I help my coaching clients identify and transmute beliefs and patterns that have been sabotaging their success.  And I facilitate them to quickly and easily manifest the life of their dreams.

“What you believe, you will receive; what you doubt, you will live without.”

Q: What does that mean – “What you believe, you will receive; what you doubt, you will live without”?

I have a coaching client, a middle-aged man named Mike.  He arrives at my office in a high-quality suit looking handsome and polished. He has an excellent education, is extremely bright and capable, and earns a high income. But as we talk, he explains he has spent most of his adult life struggling to meet his bills. 

It seemed that no matter how much he earned, it was never enough to keep any – to save it, invest it. He was often out of money – asking others to help him cover costs.  And he felt like a loser.

As we worked together to understand the principles of prosperity and money, we realized Mike was haunted by memories of his father – a paranoid man who had been brought up in near poverty as an immigrant to the US – yelling at his working teenage son that he’d never amount to anything.  That he was useless.  That “money burns a hole in your pocket.”

From that time on, this hard-working and successful man simply couldn’t keep from spending more than he earned. It impacted his marriage and his friendships.  Despite his hard work, people didn’t respect him.

As he and I worked together, he began to see himself as a financially responsible person.  And his finances began to turn around.  So did many other things in his life.

When Mike saw himself as worthy, responsible and deserving of a secure and proud life, not only did he always seem to have the money he needed, but valuable opportunities, synchronicities, and people presented themselves. He restructured his world into something much more fulfilling than he could previously conceive.

This means when you feel deserving of all the greatness life has to offer, better and better opportunities will just show up.  We are co-Creators with the Universal Life Force and that Life Force has our back.

Most of our basic ideas about money, abundance, and love come from our childhood.  They are long-standing, often unconscious concepts.  They come from ideas held by our parents, family, friends, and communities and were simply held as “true”.

Mike believed his father – that he “had a hole in his pocket” and would never amount to anything significant.

Together, Mike and I disputed those beliefs and wrote a new story about a man who had respect, sound investments, and a fulfilled family.  From that point on, everything began to improve.

ONLY YOU have the power to change your circumstances – all change begins on the inside and is soon reflected on the outside.  

It all starts with a DECISION to become a better version of you.  And we do this by changing our “Life Story” – rewriting the script – to one that matches our true dreams and desires.

Q: You are saying it is as easy as making a decision?

Yes.  Change is not always easy.  We fall back into our old patterns.  But when we write to a new “Life Story” and commit to that outcome, everything begins to shift.  New people show up, resources show up, and coincidences appear.   Then we take guided action.

I have a coaching client, a beautiful young woman named Kelly.  Kelly is married to a very successful businessman. But she explained that she was unhappy in her marriage.  Her husband put her down and controlled the finances.  She was just a housewife and felt trapped. She was only staying in the marriage for the sake of the kids.

At our first meeting, I asked her who she truly wanted to be 12 months from now.  As she spoke, I captured her desire to study fashion design and get a job working for a retailer whose brand she admired.  And much more.  

More conversations uncovered just how much she resented her husband.  No matter what he said or did, she felt diminished.

We soon discovered that she didn’t respect herself.  That she had – for many years – given her life and her power to her husband.  She had not fully become the brilliant, empowered woman her Soul knew her to be.

She did not feel respected as a “housewife” because she had given up her education at a top school to become a wife and mother. And, because she now saw herself as stupid and dependent on her husband financially, this is how she believed he felt about her.

Her marriage had devolved to a power struggle.  Kelly made a decision to pursue her goals for her life. She and I also worked to change her outlook toward her husband - to practice acting as if he really loved and adored her.  How would she be different toward him?

One day she came to my office in a great mood.  She exuded confidence and said her husband even commented on how happy the family could be. Kelly confided how her husband was treating her with more respect and love.

“What you believe, you will receive; what you doubt, you will live without.”

We become what we think. We become what we say. We become what we expect

  • When we change our outlook, we change our consciousness
  • When we change our consciousness, things in our lives change automatically

We manifest things naturally and automatically all the time, using our thoughts and feelings to create what we want.

In Kelly’s case, she needed to do the inside work first.  People mirror back to you your thoughts about yourself.  If you feel confident, they will be confident in you.  If you love yourself and them, they will typically feel love for you.

By the same token, if you resent them, they will feel that resentment and the relationship between you will be strained.

We are learning as a humanity to live from the Heart, to master our emotional responses, and take responsibility for our own happiness and fulfillment.  It all begins on the inside.

We must start now to take 100% responsibility for our lives and everything we have and will experience in it – our money, home, health, time and relationships. We are Creators.

Are you ready to be the source of your abundance, love, and money? Let's get started!