Shortcut to a Miracle

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Shortcut to a Miracle: How to Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life

by Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrott (2005)

"What you believe, you will receive; what you doubt, you will live without.”

We become what we think. We become what we say. We become what we expect.

  • When we change our outlook, we change our consciousness.
  • When we change our consciousness, we change our lives.

Thought is energy. It is the interaction of the energy of thought with another form of energy – in this case, the quantum field – that directs the quantum to make the change from unexpressed potentiality to expressed actuality.

Recognize that this creative principle works whether or not we understand it. Just as electricity is flowing and we don’t have to understand how it works, we simply must plug into it to get its benefits. When we know that such principles exist, however, and we learn to work with them and use them properly, we begin to make miracles in our lives.

This quantum field, or creative force, makes no judgment. It simply responds to whatever demand is placed on it by our subconscious mind. When we understand how the creative laws work, we can then begin using them correctly to change the things in our lives that aren’t working for us.

Your mind – your consciousness – is your greatest asset.


There are no victims but many are simply reacting to their environment not realizing they have created their current situation based on their beliefs and fears. We don’t have to be a victim of anything. It is time now to “get onto the causal side of life”.

Now, by aligning our thinking with our desires, we co-create with the creative force, to manifest our outcomes.  Although the co-creative process is one continuous, ever present action, it can be understood in three main aspects:

  • The Law of Belief
  • The Law of Expectancy
  • The Law of Attraction

The first two are very inter-related, and the third is the result of the Universal Intelligence and Power responding to the first two. We set the creative process in motion through the Law of Belief and the Law of Expectancy. Then the Law of Attraction takes over.


We can move through life choosing the kind of life we want and actually having it unfold in our world.

But is it that simple?

Yes and no. Life is responding to our beliefs but many of our beliefs may be negative, and therefore, limiting. These limiting beliefs may run contradictory to our desires and create resistance that can slow or block the manifestation of these desires.

It is our dominant thought about something that manifests into the dominant pattern in our lives. It takes repeated and consistent thought on our part to change a negative dominant thought pattern to one that is positive.

But beliefs are only thoughts we have thought so many times that we accept them as fact. That means we have the power to change these limiting or negative core beliefs about ourselves and others. And it is essential to change limiting beliefs if we want to bring good things into our world.

So we must begin to question them. Is that really true? Can I absolutely know that is true?

Then we begin to replace these limiting beliefs with more empowering beliefs and then we look for proof of these new truths.

We live in a universe of infinite potential – and this potentiality is never limited by past experience.  So dream, decide, and take steps toward your desire. 


The Law of Expectancy is what we expect – truly expect – to have happen in any given situation.  When we expect something, we look forward to it with a high degree of certainty, anticipation, and maybe even excitement.

We think only about what we want, not about what we don’t want. We practice staying in our joy, in our highest and best self.

We overcome resistance by learning to soothe the fearful voices, most of which are in place from our childhood and are no longer serving us well as adults.  We soothe them by reminding ourselves that we are adults now, and our adult self has the power to make wise decisions to ensure we attain our desires with as much ease and grace possible.

This, too, takes practice. But the benefits of aligning our differing parts of our personality toward our highest good – a “soul integration”, if you will – results in true empowerment and peace, as we will feel centered within regardless of where you are on your life journey.  This is living in our authenticity, which is the key to our personal power.

When we believe in our goal, our manifestation, we will start live as if it has occurred – from the future backwards.  When we change our outlook in life, life changes for us.  This is “life responding to the observer”.

Be, do, have.  This is the way it works.  We must act “as if” what we want has already occurred.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to know that despite our current circumstances, we have the power to manifest our dreams? So if something is not the way we would like it to be – if we experience resistance as we proceed toward our goal – we stay on course. 

We expect – we maintain courageous faith – that any disappointing situation happening now is a necessary step required for our growth so that the universe can deliver our dream outcome. We encounter resistance along our journey to strengthen us, to heal us of false beliefs that are no longer serving us. 

Think about climbing Mt. Everest.  You plan.  You envision the summit. You expect that you will encounter obstacles along the way but you will not be deterred. Each plateau on the journey offers the opportunity of reflection – to acclimate within – to gather more information for the next part of the climb. 

As you approach the summit, the climb will typically get harder, not easier.  Will you turn around? Make excuses? Get distracted by life’s “shiny objects”?  Or do you trust that your desired outcome is yours if and when you are ready?

This is a test of faith.  This is how life works.

We can only attract that which we are ready to receive.


Once we do our part with the Law of Belief and the Law of Expectancy, the Law of Attraction immediately and automatically comes into operation. This last aspect of the creative process begins to unfold once the first two laws are invoked. Whatever we believe, whatever we expect, begins to be attracted into our life.

The Law of Attraction works like a magnet. It brings into our lives the right people, the right situations and the right information to make our lives either good or bad based on a blend of our beliefs, expectations, and fears. These things that seem so serendipitous are the normal operation of the Law of Attraction. This is why the miraculous things that happen in our lives seem so natural as they are unfolding: They are natural!

If we want miracles, we need to make certain the energy of our thought is always congruent with what we want and not with what we don’t want.

If we want to change our lives – if we want miracles in our lives – we need to change our expectancy, and to do that we need to change our belief system, and to do that we need to change our thinking.

How do we go about changing our thinking and keeping it changed? 

This is what I coach my clients to do.

First, we get clear about their dreams, their desires, their goals. We do this as vividly as possible. 

Then we start to “bridge the gap”. That means we have to get a handle on what is currently the pattern, what their current thought and beliefs are, and identify outdated beliefs that may create resistance. 

Together, we identify new, healthier beliefs and practice reinforcing them in our day-to-day lives. It is amazing to watch how just one new, empowering belief can transform our lives immediately and right before our very eyes!

You deserve miracles in your life!