I met Noreen at a business networking event where I shared how I was working 70 hour weeks in financial services, and was simply not getting enough people to close on business to justify the hours I had been working.

Instantly – I could tell that her philosophy on life and business was one that would gel with mine. Coming from an undergraduate concentration in Psychology, I knew what things to look out for and why I would likely have politely declined her services. As I have seen firsthand, the “Therapy” field often results in an under qualified professional’s speculation. It is usually based on what they have read in a textbook, and results in advising someone living a polar opposite life from them how they SHOULD be living.

Noreen has been there and done that with different ventures, career paths, and opportunities in her time as a professional.  Working her way to CFO at different levels of companies, she has a unique insight into what it takes to be successful and how to obtain what you are working toward. Her blend of life experience, philosophical beliefs, and ambition is highly contagious. There have been times where I have almost cancelled a meeting due to it being a rough day at work, and she has helped, not only to salvage, but to maximize the rest of the day, and make steps toward my greater professional goals.

I would highly encourage anyone who feels like they are working ANY kind of entrepreneurial or commission-based sales job to put preconceptions aside and follow through with completing Noreen’s
introductory package and getting grounded into believing in themselves to the point where their professional performance hits a tipping point and success becomes attainable!


While I was not actively seeking a relationship coach I happened to see Noreen’s advertisement and was curious to learn more about her practice. After a brief phone conversation I realized that I could benefit from her insight about relationships and dating, in general. Having the pleasure of meeting Noreen in person (prior to starting our weekly phone conversations) confirmed that I had made a wise choice.   
I found Noreen to be very knowledgeable, personable, and possessing a genuine sense of caring that put me immediately at ease - traits of an excellent coach! 
Noreen’s weekly calls were prompt and the material organized and clear. She asked thought provoking questions and provided relevant examples. I appreciated her consistent follow ups and reliability (i.e., emailing promised handouts, etc.).
Overall, the experience of working with Noreen was great and I would recommend her to those seeking clarity about their relationships, either current or future.  


Working with Noreen was an illuminating experience!
I first contacted her after a breakup in hopes of preventing the same mistakes in my next relationship.

It was hard to lose the person that I thought was the love of my life, but after a few months of sessions with Noreen, I realized that I could turn that disappointment into a profound opportunity for growth.

She is particularly good at providing a thoughtful, supportive atmosphere while still challenging destructive core beliefs. I know I will be on my own journey for a while, but it is a comfort to know that I can always contact Noreen for some clarity and support.


I approached Noreen ...because I wanted help building my self-belief in relation to love and money. 

Noreen helped me by believing in me and giving me tools to think differently about things.

The result is... a work in progress - Noreen is not offering a quick-fix but she is able to lead and support her clients on a long term journey of change.

One thing I liked was her... warmth.

I found the experience... inspiring.

I would recommend Noreen to people who need … to take control of their lives.