Calling in "The One"

Are you frustrated by stymied relationships, missed connections, and the loneliness of the search for someone to spend your life with?  

Are you in a relationship where there is a true desire for and belief that your union can be incredibly loving and healthy, but seems blocked from its highest potential?

Are you ready to experience an authentic, enduring, genuinely heartfelt partnership?

Noreen Ehrlich shows her clients that, in order to find a deep, fulfilling relationship, you have to be truly open and ready to create a loving, committed romantic union.

Her proven 8-week 1-on-1 coaching programs show you how.

Noreen is a Calling in "The One"  Certified Coach. The Calling in "The One" : 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life coaching helps clients achieve the lasting love they’ve been yearning for.

Why does it work?

Because it gets right to the very root of the issue. The program is built around the core premise:

You are the source of your experience. Other people will mirror back to you what you haven’t taken care of inside of you yet.
We are not victims of circumstances; we are creators.
Calling in "The One" : 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life by Katherine Woodward Thomas

Calling in "The One" : 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life by Katherine Woodward Thomas

And with that in mind, we have the ability to create circumstances and opportunities by setting clear intentions and committing to, and living in alignment with, these intentions.

This program helps people realize and recognize that issues in our relationships are mirrors reflecting our internal issues with ourselves. Until we recognize and heal these untrue and unloving beliefs about ourselves, we cannot expect external satisfaction.

Thus, when you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world changes, too.

In this program, participants will deal with the source of the difficulty, transform internal conversations to ones of empowerment and strength, and forever alter their external landscape.

Created by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT, Calling In "The One" operates under the premise that in order to find the relationship that will last a lifetime, you have to be truly open and ready to create a loving, committed, romantic union. This program’s creator has been endorsed by Marianne Williamson, Alanis Morissette and countless others for her powerful wisdom and ingenious programs.

Step by step, based on the Law of Attraction, Calling in "The One" prepares people to bring forth the love they seek by starting by transforming themselves. Each of the 49 days offers a strategic lesson, a corresponding practice and instruction for putting that lesson into action in your life.

Lessons may include meditation, visualization, and journaling to help participants recognize obstacles on their path to love and offer ways to navigate around them. By transforming one’s one emotional state, we become strong enough to be able to find and attract “The One.”

Calling in "The One" gives you the tools to transform your life from the inside out. This program operates under the belief that life is a creative process and our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, choices, actions and words are the tools we use to invent experiences and circumstances.

The world is your perception of it. Inside and outside always match – they are reflects of each other. This is where we begin our commitment to Calling in “The One”.

Everything begins and ends with YOU.


This free 20-minute consultation will briefly explore what is drawing you to coaching at this time and give you specifics on the 8-week Calling in "The One" program and how we might work together. Available by phone or Skype.
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Unlike many traditional or trendy approaches, my coaching style and programs get right to the very core of what is holding you back from experiencing greater levels of personal and professional effectiveness and confidence.
Then, together, we move forward. 

If you're not satisfied, the course cost is on me.

That is my commitment to our partnership & your guarantee.