Personal Coaching

Do you aspire to greater success, better health, more money, or have a unique goal or desire?

Are you frustrated by stymied relationships, missed connections, and the search for someone to spend your life with?  

Are you in a relationship where your union seems blocked from its highest potential?

THE Law of Attraction

Noreen’s coaching is based on The Law of Attraction – we can only attract what we are ready to receive

Her tailored coaching programs show you how. 


The key to our success is decision – setting an intention. Then we must pay attention as opportunity will present itself in terms of people, resources, signs and guidance. The Law of Attraction is a magnet. But we must be open to it – conscious, aware and receptive to our desire as it comes to us. For example, if we want a committed partner but we are not emotionally ready for a commitment, that partner will not show or stay.


Because it gets right to the very root of the issue. The programs are built around the core premise:

You are the source of your experience. Other people will mirror back to you what you haven’t taken care of inside of you yet.
We are not victims of circumstances; we are creators.

And with that in mind, we have the ability to create circumstances and opportunities by setting clear intentions and committing to, and living in alignment with, these intentions.

These programs help one realize and recognize that issues in our relationships are mirrors reflecting our internal issues with ourselves. Until we recognize and heal these untrue and unloving beliefs about ourselves, we cannot expect external satisfaction. Thus, when you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world changes, too.

Step by step, Noreen prepares her clients to bring forth their life dreams and goals by transforming themselves. Her coaching programs are personally tailored to manifest these unique desires. Her daily teachings offer a strategic lesson, a corresponding practice and instruction for putting that lesson into action in real life.

Sessions may include meditation, visualization, and journaling to help her clients recognize obstacles on their path and offer ways to navigate around them. By transforming one’s one emotional state, we become powerful enough to create the breakthroughs required to manifest our desires.

THE BlockS

We are conditioned – typically at a very early age – to feel unworthy of our desires and this creates resistance - a repulsion of our receptivity to these desires.  Outdated parts of our personality are still fearful and hold the power to block our success. The only way to overcome this resistance is through emotional balance and self-acceptance.

Meditation, visualizations and other tools center us in balanced, focused energy. It takes practice but we can learn to soothe our fears when they become triggered so these negative emotions no longer overtake us.

No one is a victim.  Each of us is participating, often unconsciously, and from our fearful emotional body.  This means that some untrue but persistent belief we hold, some fearful aspect of our personality, is a match to the perceived perpetrators behavior toward us.

For example, if on some level we do not believe we are worthy or deserving of a promotion at work, this might play out as overworking to prove our value. We may accept a lower salary than an equal colleague. And, despite our talents and effort, we may get passed over for a promotion to someone with less talent but clearly more self-assured.

Instead of blaming our boss, we look within to determine which parts of our Self feels unworthy, like it has to prove or people-please.  And then we begin to reprogram this false limiting belief creating greater self-assurance.  It is that simple but requires awareness, persistence, and often a Coach.


There is power in making a decision. In our Introductory Session, we create an intention for ourselves. We look at poor patterns and identify the outdated core beliefs that drive them.  These wrong beliefs – these younger, fragmented aspects - might say we are unworthy or undeserving of true happiness. This is because this is the conclusion it came to as a child when it experienced unloving situations.

We acknowledge our thoughts and beliefs as the source of our experience and become determined to surmount obstacles that block us from achieving our goals.  We are not victims.  Instead, if a situation triggers our emotions, we look at what we could have done differently. What would be a more loving, adult response?

We are now conscious of our fearful aspects – such as fear of abandonment.  So we “re-parent” these fearful aspects so when they “act out”, our response to the triggering situation will change.  In time, we will not be triggered. As adults, we can protect ourselves and know there is nothing to fear. We rewrite the script.

This is the path to self-love. Self-love is receptivity to our desires. Receptivity is the key!

As your coach, I stand by you in your determination to overcome self-sabotage so that you may achieve your goals. Together, we gently push forward. When you become centered in yourself - when you feel deserving and confident - you attract unconditionally loving relationships and fulfilling experiences.

Love, security and peace are your birthright. It’s a science and an art and I can help you learn to achieve this.